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Life Coach & Shaman

Meet Hilda Porro

Life Coach, Shaman & Lawyer

I am a shaman, life coach and lawyer. My goal in each role is to support individuals in finding and living their own Truth, their own Language of Spirit. By doing so, one can experience wellness, living life as the blessing that it is, with a sense of purpose. It's easy to lose sight of what is essential, caught in the busy-ness, the doing, of the day-to-day. It takes time and attention to become consciously aware of what is most important, instead of moving from one obligation to another. It requires clearing away un-truths, limiting beliefs, that we’ve adopted along the way and deeply listening. By slowing down, we can begin to learn and develop our own Language and experience the support that I believe is there for every one of us. Willingness to look at all aspects of our lives can open doors to receiving the support that we need.

I heard a story years ago that inspired the realization that each of us has our own manner of connection and communication with the Universe, our own Language of Spirit. I believe that our lives are incredibly rich with meaning but we risk missing that richness if we’re not paying attention. We each have the responsibility to learn our own Language and, when we do, life unfolds with greater ease and grace. Even when we experience difficult times (which we will), there is a depth and peace that is always available.

I received my training as a life coach from Coach for Life and my shamanic training from The Four Winds and have been working with clients for about 15 years. I also received my law degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 1989 and have run my own practice since, specializing in real estate, estate planning and probate/trust administration. I have a holistic approach to my legal work, allowing my other trainings to influence all areas of my life. In addition, I am an avid reader and am constantly studying and learning. Some areas of particular interest include kabbalah and astrological influences.


Life Coach & Shaman

Working with a Life Coach

Why do you do the things that you do? Does the way you spend your time and effort align with what you hold as most important? The day-to-day choices in our lives are often guided by the issues that we are facing in that moment. There are bills to be paid and dishes to be washed. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. However, conscious awareness of a purpose in life is where depth and meaning are to be found. It can be hard to navigate those deeper questions on our own. In your sessions with Hilda, you’ll be asked powerful questions that will help you to find clarity of your purpose, creating a life of richness and meaning. You’ll also be guided to listen deeply to the language of your body and energy – powerful tools for wellness and guidance.

Soul Retrieval and Other Shamanic Tools


On our path to finding our life purpose, we sometimes find patterns and beliefs that block us from moving forward. Hilda has been trained in the ways of our shamanic ancestors and can use tools, such as journeying and soul retrieval, to help you clear old energetic blocks. You then have the freedom and inner resources to move forward in creating a life that aligns with your truth and purpose.

In a soul retrieval, Hilda journeys into the client's underworld where the energetic imprints of our life experiences are accessible. There, once the client is ready, changes can be made that shift longstanding patterns and limiting beliefs.   On-going life coaching supports the client in incorporating those changes into positive life decisions.



Intake Session

Your Intake Session is designed to help you open to a big-picture view of your life where patterns of behaviors may become apparent.  You'll also experience a simple process that supports you in opening to your values and purpose.  The Intake Session is the foundation for your path to true wellness.  The session usually lasts approximately 90 minutes.

On-Going Sessions

Your On-Going Sessions are designed to support you in opening to deeper awareness, deciding on action, and continued accountability.  Awareness and action in one area of your life often opens the door to awareness in other areas.  Your idea of wellness shifts and changes as greater possibilities become apparent. The frequency of sessions is determined by you, depending on your goals and preferences.  Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes.  

Call Hilda at 561-301-7787 to schedule your in-person or virtual session.


Hilda, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the gifts I received in our Shamanic soul retrieval session. From the moment I stepped into the sacred space you created I could feel the energy of your love and profound presence. I felt gently held and guided every step of the way, which totally allowed me to relax into the experience and trust the unknown. What I especially loved was the spiritual collaboration you generated, merging your Shamanic skills and wisdom with my own guidance and wisdom. What an incredible talent that you bring to this work! I felt totally honored, empowered, and connected to what came forth and this was significant to my integration of the information. What I experienced and learned in our session continues to serve me and I know it always will. It was a privilege to experience this soul retrieval with you and I’m so happy for others who are fortunate enough to have such an opportunity.

- Deb


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